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Become a sponsor.


JPR Racing's revolutionary new sponsorship program provides another creative and “less expensive entry for companies with smaller advertising budgets into a sport that boasts a fan base of 5 million."

Thanks to patent-pending technology, today you can get your own small space on a Rally -america™  car, and you won't have to pay thousands per race! Now you can get a  Sponsor space—your connection to our team, Rally-America™, and 5 million fans---at a price you never dreamed possible!

The space may be small; but the "connection" value is huge! If it was only about visibility on the car, there'd only be primary sponsors and no associate sponsors; and today's cars wouldn't have decals tucked in small obscure locations all over the car! All associate sponsorships, regardless of size, are about the "connection" value, not the "visible" value. When you're "connected" with a team, whether it is for just one race or an entire season, you can use that "connection" as an “official team sponsor” in your marketing and marketplace to tap into and connect with the Rally-America fans in your market whether that market is nationwide, regional, or local.

"In the fans eyes, even if you’re not a primary sponsor, a sponsor is a sponsor. Most have no idea how big your logo is on the car—nor do they care. Perception comes into play, and perception can trump reality. When promoted in the marketplace with the tools we provide, our Team Sponsor is perceived by fans to be on par with sponsors paying infinitely more! We turn perception into profits for our sponsors."

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The "Connection" Makes The Marketing Possible

...And We Make Marketing Your “Official Sponsorship” Easy!

The groundbreaking bonus marketing components you get FREE if you secure your space during our introductory offer will, in your customer's eyes, put your sponsorship on par with sponsors spending tremendously more! Start at Package #1 – you'll be amazed and excited to be one of the few able to take advantage of this revolutionary opportunity!